Since the service of Perkins Financial LLC and Cost Segregation Services, Inc. (CSSI) focuses on CASH FLOW through Income Tax Deferral, accordingly, we have supplemented our core services with several ancillary services.

LED Lighting: Retrofitting your current building lighting to LED Lighting makes available three savings – significant energy efficiency; current year tax write offs for partial disposition, and removal cost. Also 179D tax credits for your buildings when available in the tax year under the tax code.  I have partnered with energy professionals leading the way in next generation LED lighting.  This is a benefit that you will want to take advantage of – ask for a free predictive analysis of your savings very similar to what you see with cost segregation.

R&D Credits: The Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit was enacted in 1981 and has been renewed several times throughout the years until 2016 when it was made permanent. The R&D credit allows companies, large and small, to claim a dollar for dollar reduction of tax liability for qualifying research expenditures. The research expenditures are identified by analyzing the company’s potential qualifying wages, supply and contractor cost through the course of an R&D project. Taxpayers can claim the credits back three years and carry forward unused credits for twenty years. Additionally, small businesses with less than 50 million in Gross Receipts can offset Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) with R&D tax credits.

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