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Perkins Financial has a proven record of representing CSSI since 2010, and together providing engineering-based cost segregation studies that bring income tax benefits and compliance to owners of depreciable real property. As a former bank commercial loan officer, Greg’s salesmanship methodology is the same as it was in banking – let the numbers speak for themselves, not sales rhetoric. Greg’s style is to educate and inform so that the client has the necessary information to make an informed business decision. Greg will walk you through every step of the process and assist you with knowing exactly what to provide in order for CSSI to deliver you the best possible detailed study. Greg is a seasoned veteran who honors professionalism and personal service – courteously providing information and responsiveness. He is a detailed, numbers driven person by nature and profession. He is a good person to have on your team as an advocate and someone you can trust. You can trust that this service is legal and that CSSI has the expertise, the experience, and a known reputation in the industry. You can also trust that we have a proven process that is IRS compliant and are helping many property owners defer income tax.

Together, CSSI and Perkins Financial provide the necessary source document that allows your tax professional to change your depreciation schedule in a favorable income tax manner for you.

4 Factors that make us valuable to commercial property owners:


Your Individual Situation is Important.
We strive to understand your current commercial property situation and properly apply our underwriting standards of qualification. Do you own or have you significantly improved your property in the past 15 years or less; do you plan on keeping your property for 3-5 years or longer; is there $250-300,000 or greater of cost basis in long-term life; do you have applicable taxable income, paying income tax, and would like to pay less tax currently, and are there any passive limitations on your use of accelerated depreciation?

We Offer A No Cost Evaluation.
We offer no cost initial quantitative analysis to our clients whereby we project conservative tax deferral benefits from accelerated depreciation. Our modeling is purposefully conservative and the actual study often results in greater benefits than estimated. Thus we under promise and over deliver most of the time.

We Work Well with Your Tax Professional.
Greg will only engage clients after their tax professional has confirmed that the client can benefit from this service. The tax professional is the gatekeeper and the implementer. Your tax professional delivers you the benefits by utilizing our source document.

After Confirmation of your Tax Professional, we guide the implementation process seamlessly.
If you are pleased with the projected cash flow, NPV, the ROI derived from our analysis, and the calculated benefit/cost ratio, then our simple two page contract engages the project with a 50% down-payment. The other 50% is not due until the final study is produced and reviewed. Greg will inform you of the documentation that will be helpful to conduct the actual study and a representative will take very detailed pictures inside and outside the building – our site survey.

Wonder if you might qualify?

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