Terry and Nina Roberts

Terry and Nina Roberts
November 23, 2015

As new commercial property owners, we did not realize all that goes into the first years of ownership and how it affects our bottom-line. We were pleasantly surprised to find a great way to maximize our cash flow legally with the help from Greg Perkins with Cost Segregation Services, Inc. (CSSI). Our CPA had knowledge of cost segregation and the benefits that are IRS approved so we were ready to listen!

Basically, Greg studied our new building and was able to accelerate our depreciation into a shorter time frame, rather than the usual 25 to 30 year period. Greg evaluates the materials, costs, blueprints of our investment and is able to layout a schedule that identifies items that can be depreciated at a much faster rate. In turn we generate added revenue needed to put more into our business while helping us on our tax return.

Greg has had a seasoned banking and financial career in Alabama and came to us with the highest of recommendations. After just filing our taxes we know the benefit of his services and of CSSI. We endorse his experience and qualifications on every level. We are very satisfied customers and believe in cost segregation and Greg!

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