Schoedinger Funeral & Cremation Service

Schoedinger Funeral & Cremation Service
April 15, 2017

Income Tax Benefits are important to each of us so it is my pleasure to introduce you to Cost Segregation Services Inc. (CSSI) and its representative Greg Perkins. Greg was referred to me about 2 years ago by a close friend in the industry and Greg and I have been in contact during that time period either directly or at National Conventions. Our new tax professionals were familiar and supportive of the services provided by CSSI and we recently received very beneficial income tax deferral from their core service of Cost Segregation utilizing accelerated depreciation. Furthermore, the knowledge and consulting provided by CSSI and Greg as to the new IRS Regulation T.D. 9636 (Tangible Property Regulation) and their source document reports allowed our CPA’s to bring us impressive additional deductions and tax benefit. Having completed recent significant remodeling and renovation that involved disposing of portions of our buildings, we were informed of and took advantage of partial disposition write downs and removal cost expensing. Some of these benefits are time sensitive, so it was providential that CSSI and our CPA could consult and execute for these benefits and not miss this opportunity.

If you have owned your real property for 15 years or less or even if you have owned for a greater timeframe but have done significant improvements to your property in the last 15 years, I would recommend you take advantage of the free analysis that CSSI provides to see if there are benefits for you. It truly is a free look for you and your tax professional to review. Also make sure your accounting support is familiar with or consulting with a company such as CSSI on the new regulation and its new rules about what you can expense and what has to be capitalized.

You can trust these services and trust CSSI and Greg to properly consult and provide these services.

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